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We have the honour to introduce our company as providing seafarers with different employment services on the vessels of foreign shipowners.

"Hermes Shipping" Ltd. entered the international seamen's employment market in 1997, setting up its office in the centre of marine labour activity in Greece - Piraeus. Establishing successful cooperation with honourable European Shipowners and fully satisfying their needs, the company expanded, establishing its second office in the heart of marine business of Ukraine - Odessa in December 2002.

Our company is entirely licensed by Ukrainian Government for manning activities - license ? 220129, issued by the Ministry of Labour of Ukraine on 28 December 2005, and also has its own registered trademark. Having wide relations and big opportunities in the sphere of search, choice and organization of seamen employment on the territory of Ukraine and database including 11.000 representatives of officers and ratings, having high potential and desire to work productively, effectively and fruitfully, to use our abilities at full range, we are keen to expand, to make good cooperation with reliable company, in mutual effort to gain success and prosperity.

Our seafarers are entirely certified in accordance with the international norms and codes such as STCW, IMO, ISM and ISPS, with extensive work experience in multinational crews. We make thorough and qualitative selection of seamen taking into consideration specific requirements of shipowners.

The rights of our seafarers are protected by the Ukrainian Trade Union.The personnel of our company is highly qualified and competent and makes every effort to achieve success in all directions of our business activity.

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